• What to Expect When You’re Getting Summer Ready

    Summer is only 3 months away!

    It’s time to start putting in the hard yards, to feel the benefits when our days are longer, and we only need to wear a jumper for half a day (love you Tassie)

    The first month of starting a fitness plan is arguably the hardest, despite your initial motivation and that health kick high, it’s hard to commit to new habits.

    Changing up your workout routine and nutrition may have you feeling sore, and you might initially resist the little sacrifices you’re making (like going eggs on toast at brunch rather than a pancake stack up to your eyes)


    I’m here to tell you it gets easier.


    One month in:

    you’ll start to notice your body composition change, with new tone and definition starting to emerge and body fat percentage dropping.

    You’re going to find that your strength increases rapidly when you first start working out, as your muscles adapt quite quickly. This will eventually slow to more gradual strengthening.

    Three months in:

    You’ve done it, It’s summer. You’ve cracked the hardest part of creating the routine and implementing those changes.

    Your body is continuing to transform, and you might notice your energy has increased and you’re sleeping better.

    If you’ve been focusing on nutrition as well, you will see your body fat percentage has dropped significantly and you will be able to see more tone in certain areas.

    6-12 months in:

    It’s well and truly part of your life now, and you’re probably that friend who’s telling everyone how much better they’d feel if they went to the gym with you.



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