5 Reasons to Start Your Day With Yoga

5 Reasons to start your day with Yoga

Spoilers: It’s not just so you can tell people you went to yoga.


Build a Healthy, Consistent routine

Most of us have very busy lives, and it can be hard- sometimes impossible- to squeeze in some yoga during the day or of an evening. By waking up just that little bit earlier and coming along to yoga, not only are you ticking something off your ever growing to-do list, you’re forming a new healthy morning routine.


Brain Food

With so much to do during the day yet so little time an increased focus is crucial for ensuring you can perform to the best of your ability. Yoga class incorporates meditation and breathing techniques, teaching you to relax and forget about everything around you. Stress or overthinking can stop you from thinking clearly and can be a distraction throughout the day, meaning you are likely to become less productive. Starting your day with Yoga will ensure you reach your full potential during your studies, work or at home.


Stop the slouch!

For many of us poor posture can be a regular occurrence – whether it’s from slumping over at a desk at work or studying until the early hours of the morning with your laptop, or being on your feet all day, it’s easy to forget about the importance of good posture. Regular Yoga classes can help encourage improved posture as it increases your core strength and stability. For some this is a great preventative measure for muscle recovery and to avoid injury and for others that are prone to back pain, headaches, or any other joint pain, adding Yoga into your daily routine will be beneficial.


It’s actually a great strength workout

It’s not all breathing and clearing your mind, your balance as well as flexibility will improve from this class. Sometimes improving our balance isn’t always seen as a top priority but it falls into the same category as core, strength and mobility. These are all needed for our body to function efficiently, so make sure you give your balance and flexibility some attention. While you’re at it you can also expect improved strength, endurance as well as core strength – bonus!


Can act as a caffeine alternative

The breathing techniques used in a yoga class, stimulate your body and your mind. The fresh oxygen you’ve taking in energizes your brain, almost as if you’ve just put back an espresso. Unlike coffee or tea, the energy found from deep breathing in your morning yoga class will last all day long.



So Rise and Shine!

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