March Newsletter 2020


March for us is all about sharing the love with you, read on to find out how you can reap some rewards!


Rewards program & Pink key club

We all know consistency is key, which is why we’re launching a brand new rewards program to show some love to all our amazing members who are coming along regularly.

Each quarter we will be rewarding our members who have attended an average of 3 times a week with a gift. At the end of the year, our members who have achieved an average of 3 times per week over 12 months will have the exciting opportunity to swap their grey fob and join the Pink key club!

On April 1st, members who have been kicking goals by coming regularly will receive the first round of pressies, so keep your eyes peeled for your notification!


Ambassador program

We love seeing all of you sharing gym selfies, workout videos and tagging friends in our posts on social media. In fact, we love it so much we’ve developed an ambassador program to help you share the love!

All you need to do is keep sharing your content and tagging us @feelgoodfemalefitness and we will shoot you through a discount code to give your friends. You both get $5 off your weekly rate for the 3 months!

*Terms and conditions apply, See us in club for details.


Public Holiday

Monday the 9th of March is 8 hours day public holiday. We will be unstaffed at reception, so make sure you bring along your key fob to get in a workout!

Keep your eyes peeled closer to the date to find out what our public holiday class will be.


Buddy Referral                                                       

Social media not your thing? You can still reap the referral rewards the old fashioned way with 3 easy steps.

  1. Complete a buddy referral form at reception, or send through the name and phone number of your friend (s) to give them a free week
  2. We will give them a call and invite them in
  3. If they decide to join for 12 months or more, you get an entire month free of your regular membership payments!


Hot tip: If you refer 4 people at once, you get a free drink bottle or towel!