What is food coaching?

It’s time to ditch the diet and get a Food Coach! We all know what to eat to stay healthy, but sometimes just having the information is not enough. At FFF our Food Coaches provide more than just healthy eating plans, they help you design the best plan for you, your body type and most importantly your lifestyle.

A food coach will give you the accountability, education and motivation you need to set realistic goals and will be there to support you through the journey of achieving your goal.

Don’t waste time on the treadmill, maximise your results by adding food coaching to your gym membership and achieve real results that are sustainable for a lifetime.

Below we have some great tips for healthy weight loss:


Our Top 4 tips for healthy weight loss


1 – BE ACCOUNTABLE – People who use a food diary are more likely to successfully reach their goal and maintain results longterm.

2- EAT TO LOSE – Don’t starve yourself! All this does is slow your metabolism and give your body more reason to store fat. Eat when you are hungry.

3 – DRINK WATER – You may be thirsty not hungry. Train your body to recognise thirst, water works!!!!

4 – BREAKFAST – Eat within an hour of rising. Mum was right – it really is the most important meal of the day. If you struggle to eat a full meal for breakfast try a nutrient rich smoothie.