Safe, Secure, 24/7 Access

One of the most exciting changes we have made to the gym recently is going 24/7. Get the benefit of all day access while feeling safe and secure in our female only gym! There’s several other benefits of our new 24/7 access, but we want to talk about a few of our favourites below!

Flexibility and convenience:  Conventional trading hours don’t suit everyone. With such a busy on-the-go lifestyle, people tend to opt out of rushing around to fit that gym work out in because the times just don’t work for them. With 24/7 access you don’t have to try and fit your schedule in gym trading hours, because you can fit the workout into your schedule, whenever is convenient for you. This is perfect for those night owls and early risers!

Less crowding: When gyms have trading hours, it is understandable that during “peak hour” the gym will be crowded. You may have to wait for people to finish with the machines or equipment, meaning that it will cut into your work out time, and for sometimes you may not like working out in front of many people. This is where the benefits of a 24/7 gym come in. You can choose to go during a time that is quieter as the gym is always open!

Go multiple times a day: Whether you’re doing serious strength or endurance training or simply you enjoy spreading your workout out through the day, our 24/7 gym can provide a variety of opportunities to pop by and get in a few reps. By working exercise into your daily routine at different intervals, you can more quickly achieve the results you’re looking for.

Let us know your favourite part of our 24/7 access in the comments!