5 Reasons why you need a Food Coach

Do you find yourself working out tirelessly at the gym but can’t seem to get the results you want? Or are you eating healthy during the day but come tea-time you binge eat, finding any sweet or salty snacks you can get your hands on? No matter what position you find yourself in it’s time to ditch the fad diets and get yourself a Food Coach.

What is a Food Coach? Food Coaches provide more than just healthy eating plans; they help you design the best plan for you, your body type and your lifestyle. Here’s just some of the reasons why a Food Coach may be the missing puzzle piece when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.

1. Accountability.

Whether you are trying to lose 10+ kilos or you are just hoping to shift those last few kilos to reach your goal, who doesn’t need a little helping hand from time to time? We have Personal Trainers, Instructors or workout buddies to help us stay on track, so why not get some expert advice with your diet also? After all it’s believed in order to achieve weight loss it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. Having a Food Coach means not only will you have expert help, plans and goals, but most importantly you have somebody to keep you accountable, to track your diet and to cheer you on during your successes!

2. Expert advice.

This day and age there’s so much information out there about what’s right for our bodies and many different diets that all claim to be the best; there’s fasting 5:2 diet, Keto, and Paleo just to name a few, but what is right for you? A Food Coach will set you up with a plan that is completely catered to you; instead of you following a plan that may not be suitable or might not even work for you. We are all different and each individual has their own goals and obstacles, body types and more –  a Food Coach will provide you with all you need to start your health journey and also stick to it.

3. Ongoing Support

Sometimes during your health and fitness journey the biggest challenge is starting, but that’s not to say that there aren’t many different challenges along the way – having a Food Coach will provide you with support through all of the stages. A Food Coach will also be there for you with updated advice or plans when you are going through a lifestyle change or change of goals.

4. It’s about more than just a ‘diet’.

A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just counting calories or macros. A Food Coach will help you evaluate all aspects of your lifestyle and establish a set of solutions that focuses on your overall wellness rather just changing what you eat. Food Coaches will help by breaking down the process into manageable steps that will be lasting and sustainable.

5. Results.

Last but not least a Food Coach is guaranteed to get you the results you want. You can take comfort in knowing if anything in your diet plan is challenging or difficult to adjust to, your coach can support, motivate and give you tips along the way.

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