6 Week Challenge Members


If your Christmas was anything like ours, there was a little overindulgence happening. There’s no shame in that, and we’re here to save the day with a 6 week food challenge starting in Feb.

We want to show you how much what you’re putting in your mouth can affect your results. Because as much as we don’t like to admit it, weight loss is 80% nutrition and %20 exercise. You can’t outrun a poor diet.

Sometimes the pictures we conjure up in our heads of “diets” are just raw carrot sticks with no dip, or plain chicken with a side of broccoli. Well pop those thought bubbles and register for our 6 week challenge to see how varied and tasty our nutritious recipes can be.

Using the same program Members at our Big Brother Club, Glenorchy Health and Fitness, lost an incredible 65.4kg and 441.5cm between the 18 participants!

So what is involved?

A customization meal plan, weekly accountability catch ups and weigh ins, before and after measurements and full body scans at the beginning and end, and a supportive community to help you though!

Buy online or see us in club for more info.