Member feature: Sara


FFF is just such a lovely, positive space to go too!  Great facilities, really convenient location and a great selection of classes.  The best part…the absolutely gorgeous staff!

I really love most of the lunchtime classes, but my favourite would have to be Friday Pump with Jen, a fantastic way to end the week…although I also really like the Saturday morning CX Works class with Cam! Or maybe the Thursday spin class with Avril is my favourite…are you getting the picture? There are so many to say that is my favourite!!!

When I first started I was given a program by the wonderful Emily, she guided me through with encouragement and support. I was a very tough client, not at all willing! She didn’t once give up on me and now I go 5 times a week willingly!!!  Even the classes I am hopeless at like Zumba, Alison still makes me feel like I am kicking goals!

I don’t really have a specific goal anymore, I just know I am better for turning up.  Turning up doesn’t just mean just “going to the gym” for me anymore.  Turning up is more about me turning up for myself, understanding that staying strong and fit is about me caring for myself and valuing that time I allocate to my self care. Going to FFF isn’t just about “going to gym”, it’s about stress relief, being kind to myself, being motivated by others, helping to motivate others.

Do it for yourself, be there for yourself, turn up for yourself. Make the time and space, you will absolutely find that the rewards and benefits will be so worth it.  I’m not a super fit person, not at all, for me it is a holistic experience, stress relief, great boost to my self esteem and I now love myself in Lycra….my bum rocks in tights!!! At nearly 50 you have gotta be happy with that!

I thought I would give you my just before starting at FFF Gym photo and then my more resent photos….the big Mumma photo is really for you guys to see how much of a difference you make in peoples lives!!!! Thank you team!  ️